One sentence biography.

I recently entered a writing contest, THAT I WON!! Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love to write, but after finishing my article and my contact information, it asked that I submit a one sentence bio. One sentence. What do you say about yourself in one sentence. Even at job interviews when they say tell me about yourself, with no word or time limit I struggle.  So what do you say?

Mine reads says that I  “is a writer living in Indiana who loves baking and aspires to travel more.” 

If you read my last post you know I work at a car dealership, I often set off my smoke detector and I currently find myself without a passport. Should my bio have said she is a pathological liar?  While that may have been funny, the truth is my bio is how I see myself.

It is the best parts of me, the things I hope and love. So next time someone asks you to tell them about yourself, never say I’m boring or there isn’t much to tell. There is always much to tell, tell them how you see yourself, even if it is still a work in progress!

And if you are curious here is the link to the article. Not world changing writing but I guess good enough to win.


One response to “One sentence biography.

  1. Good Job! It’s always nice to be a winner!

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