Chubby baby, Holocaust survivor

I finally made it to the Holocaust museum in Chicago. They had a special exhibit on Hannash Senesh, google her if you don’t know who she is, she is a better role model than any woman who is famous today, and pretty bad ass.. It was a nice exhibition.

And then I went through the permanent exhibit, and while it was good I finished well before my friends. I am a fast reader. But while I was waiting on a bench an old man approached me and we struck up a conversation.  He was a volunteer at the museum, and a survivor of the holocaust. Super charming guy.

And when we showed me pictures of him as a child before the war, right after the war, and his life here in America. But the picture that struck out to me was him, as a chubby baby. Obviously all the holocaust survivors I have ever met are now elderly. But it was just something to think about this elderly man, who walked slightly bent over as a pudgy baby. 

And when I told him he was a cute little chubby baby, and he responded that he indeed was and that I probably was too. This is true, my mom says I rolled before I crawled!! I agreed and by time my friends joined me, we were having a good laugh!!

It is these moments that make me think that beyond my fortune of being born when and where I was born, I could have been that chubby baby, or anyone could have been. 

And I think about all the plump babies, and not so plump babies I know now and I know quite a few. It is apparently baby season for the people in my life. And I wonder what the world will look for them, and what their stories will be when they are Joe’s age.

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