The disaster purse


Sometimes I feel my family has a penchant for disasters. Last summer my house was robbed, twice. Yes you read that right. And this past Saturday my mom’s house burnt down. Well technically it is standing, but it will need to be torn down. Everything is gone and I do mean everything. I live two doors down, and I went all MacGyver in trying to find her in a burning house. But thankfully neither her nor I were hurt. And as hard it is this is what we keep reminding ourselves. But if you are a praying person, the cat is still missing.

And it is so daunting and overwhelming to try to help someone who has lost everything. Where do you begin?? My answer to this question is with a purse.

There are insurance commercials in which after a disaster the insurance company shows up with teddy bears for children. Well they need to show up with rack of purses for woman to choose from. Cause I don’t care how bad things are no one wants an ugly purse. It would seem pointless to many but I have a point here.

After my house was robbed my aunt came with several things for me that were taken, including a purse. A cute one at that! And in that moment I had something to hold on to, something that was mine, something that had not been taken. Children find comfort in those teddy bears, show me a woman who doesn’t feel like she is missing something without a purse.

So after the fire I handed mom that same purse from my aunt. I am now referring to it as the disaster purse. It gave her somewhere to put the things she would begin to collect, papers from the fire department, red cross information ect. While rebuilding will certainly take some time, she has somewhere to put important things. She has something to hold on to and to call her own, maybe it is just a purse but it is start.

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