Going off of the sidewalk..

Today I got the pleasure of spending some time with my nephew, who is a little over two and half. And he insisted very vocally , and repeated that he desired to go for a “trikey ride.” For those of you who do not speak two year old, and it certainly a language learned slowly, it meant that he wanted to go for a walk around the block while riding his little tricycle.  So upon his instance we went. It was a beautiful day and one around the block was not a like the iron man triathlon. So off we went. Although note to self whenever I plan on being around a two year old I should wear appropriate shoes, as in not heels. 

It was on this journey that I noticed something, his sheer delight when for some reason or another he had to ride off the sidewalk. Which was nerve racking for me of course, cars or dogs or anything could happen when we weren’t on the sidewalk.!!  But this for him was complete joy! Rocks to ride through, potholes to hit and large driveway embankments to drive over. He’s laugh was audible and contagious.

I thought about us in our life, and where do we feel that much joy? We are instead like me, concerned that something might happen when we go off the path, even though there is no safety promised on that path, just the idea that we are somehow safer. And when we are forced off of our sidewalks we don’t meet with joy and laughter but fear, anxiety and dread. We consider cars parked in our way or anything for that matter to be just that IN OUR WAY. But not someone who saw it as a chance to go for a better ride.

Things happen that we cannot control, and things will always get in our way. And yes the street is a dangerous place. But if we have to get off the sidewalk every once in a while, and take a detour maybe we can all learn from a two year old. 

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