Anti-Semitism is alive and well in Indiana

Anti-Semitism is alive and well in Indiana

What?? Yeah you read that right. Believe it or not Indiana is not immune. It seems so strange to even fathom that there are still those who believe and propagate this kind of hatred. And that is all that it is, hatred. Sure you can have your “reasons” or “facts” but it is based on the belief that without a certain people your life would be better off. That is super scary.

Refer to my previous post, Chubby Baby, Holocaust survivor. I kept telling this old man that I simply didn’t understand how the holocaust could happen and he told me “kiddo there is no understanding hatred.” And maybe he is right, maybe it cannot be understood. But in the face of that he reminded me that it should never be ignored. So that is what I am doing I am not ignoring it.

Purdue University, a well established university recently invited a speaker who was blatantly anti-Semitic. And then went on the advertise this man as an expert on the Middle East. Ignoring the fact that Mr. Bruzonsky’s blog is filled with classic anti-Semitic pictures. I will post the link to these, as I am not comfortable reposting them on this blog.

This man has the right to say what he thinks, to display caricatures as he sees fit, and to speak any crowd that wishes to gather. Yet, the problem I have is that a public institution such as Purdue University supported what can only be described as hate speech while denying the right of what is considered a pro-Israel group to speak. Standwithus was deemed too controversial.

Either Purdue did not properly review this mans history, which is negligent at best or they do not care that they invited an anti-Semite to speak to its students which is unacceptable. So which is it?

So I ask of you, not to condemn free speech but to make a stand against hatred and anti-Semitism being endorsed by one of Indiana’s public universities. There is a petition to sign, please do so. And if you are an Indiana resident (which isn’t that likely) please contact your legislators to tell them that you are not willing to be silent that antisemistim is alive and well in Indiana

The images can be seen here

And the petition here

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