Why my morning Starbucks makes me feel like a success.

This may by far be the shallowest post you will ever read on this blog. But let’s be honest we all have our moments of shallowness. So here is mine. Every morning I stop at starbucks, they know me and my drink without me even asking. And I know them, since I see them everyday it was only right to get to know their names. But not the point. So walking into work someone asked me why I get starbucks every morning. To this I shrugged my shoulders and mumbled something. It was 7 am , and clearly since my coffee was still in my hand I hadn’t drank it yet, way too early for questions. But I did give it some thought, and while it is yummy and the caffeine is a necessary evil, the real reason I get starbucks every morning is because it makes me feel like a success. There I said it.

Growing up, while we were never poor we did live on a budget, and starbucks was not in that budget. Plus who can really blame either of my parents for not giving two teenage girls caffeine and sugar in high doeses. Even till this day you don’t want to be around me when I am on a “high.” I remember being around 13 and asking to go, and the answer was no. And I promised myself some day when I was a successful adult, that the answer would never be no, not just for starbucks but for anything that I wanted!! Ha!

As an adult I have learned that there are a lot of “no’s”, and even though I am the one saying it to myself it doesn’t make it any easier. It is still hard to feel like you are too “poor,” for something that you want. And to be honest I cannot afford most of the material objects that people measure success by. I don’t own expensive shoes, and while my purse is a designer, it is the ONLY BAG I own, and have carried it everyday for over 2 years now. Shocking I know a woman who only owns one purse. But my starbucks cup in hand every morning is my luxury to me, it is my little symbol of being that adult who can have anything her heart desires. So yeah it makes me feel successful. It is a nod to the 13 year old me, saying we can’t have everything but we can have some things.

To be honest, I am not the only one who does this. But maybe it isn’t starbucks for everyone else. Maybe it is that manicure, or the newest app. The little things that we buy for ourselves just because we can. None of this has anything to do with need, but I did warn this was a shallow post.

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