Unapologetically pro-Israel

Many people know I once lived in Israel and some how this makes me the resident expert here in Indiana. Every couple of year when violence sadly breaks the uneasy peace between Israel and it neighbors people come to ask me my thoughts. Perhaps it is cause they know I feel as of I have a personal stake in the outcome, as a Jew Israel is of the utmost importance to me. Maybe they ask me so they can spar with someone. Or maybe they ask me because I am better educated on the subject than most Americans (but not all.) Yet despite all this people seem surprised that I am so fiercely pro-Israel. I maintain Israel has the right of self defense to this I am asked about the Palestinians. And here is where the problem lies.

In the polarizing world in which we live it seems one can either pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian. I am sad for the families who are losing children to this battle. I worry that every time a child dies, the family will say “why bother with peace, the future is already dead.” The life of a child is no more or less depending on which side of a border they live. And mistakes have been made by both sides.

Yet with mistakes made and realities presented in that there are sometimes no good options I remain unapologetically pro-Israel. You may consider this wrong and some day I may feel differently but for now if you want to ask about the current conflict, this is a reminder of who you are speaking with

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