Can I sue Indiana University?

As of late I have had quite a few legal matters on my mind. And on NPR today I listened to a piece about the pending lawsuit against Trump University. I ask that you keep an open mind while reading this. This is not an endorsement or an attempt to sway votes but a bit of honesty. Nor is it a factor in the way I will vote this coming fall, but it did get me thinking.
I did not go to Trump University, nor did anyone I personally know. No, I went to Indiana University, and my friends have attended private universities. Why did we do this? Because like Trump University, we were sold a dream. Maybe the brochures didn’t boast that we would make millions, but it was presented as the ONLY path to a better future than that of the generations before us. It would all be worth it in the end, so we took out student loans and obtained second jobs, all in hopes that it would lead us to where we wanted to be. I can tell you this, seven years out of college, some of the smartest women I know are baristas, Gap manager or underpaid secretaries. Both state and private universities took our money with a tacit promise that we would make it up. Isn’t this what Trump University promised? Did they not note alumni who were CEOs and corporate bigwigs, to show that we too could be just like them?
In a news report it was stated that one person paid nearly $36,000.00 to attend Trump University. I do not deny that this is quite a sum of money, but ask any 25-35 year old person you know, how much do they have in student debt? Today the average loan debt is $26k. I know people who carry upwards of $100K in student debt. And loans are handed out to 18 year olds like candy. When else can you borrow that sum of money with no credit history and no proof of income?
Is my diploma worth more because it carries the name of Indiana University? Should I demand a refund because I am no where close to working in the field I studied for (political science)? If I went on national television stating that Indiana University was a fraud because they took my money and didn’t deliver the “better life” they promised, would anyone bother to take me seriously? No, the blame would be not placed on Indiana University but on me.
The higher education system is a racket, something I learned sadly too late. Sports coaches at state schools are making over a million dollars annually. Where did that money come from? From someone like me who just wanted a good job. So maybe Trump profited off of his University, but lets all stop pretending that state schools and private schools alike aren’t turning profit. The way I see it, if you were able to use your degree you are one of the lucky ones, but if you are like everyone else you are just happy to have a job that covers the student loan payment. I don’t know what ratio of success Trump University had amongst its graduates but I can’t imagine it faired much better than my own graduating class.

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