Priority planning…

Nearly everyday I go to work someone says “I’m tired.” To which anyone within earshot agrees that they are also tired. But yet we are all there…

But when I get home first thing I usually do is put on pants that either meant for yoga or sleeping. (Take the hint ladies) Because I’m tired, too tired to actually do the things I love. Read that sentence again if it didn’t sink in. Too tired for things I am passionate about.  What????

Every week I accomplish what is needed of me, I go to work, I pay my bills, feed the dog, shower (you’re welcome.) But where is this space for all the unneeded thing, fill in the blank to the sentence

If I had the time I would _____________________

Now put the exact same answer in this sentence.

I don’t __________________ because its not a priority.

Ouch, right?

Maybe you accomplish everything you both need and want to, kuddos to you, you can stop reading this now and go bask in your perfectness. But for the rest of us what can we do.

Not too long ago I bought a daily planner, but it also has really neat stuff in it like daily wins, what you are grateful for, lessons learned. I’ll put the link at the very bottom, but any daily planner would work for this challenge.

Fill one week out with not only the things you need to do but the things you’d like to do, things that make you happy, things that somehow became weekend only treats. And here is the hard part STICK TO IT for ONE week. I promise you will still be tired after work or dealing with kids, but if after one week if you aren’t a happier more fulfilled person then feel free to write me hate mail.

I myself am starting this challenge today. And my plans are little things that just don’t get done.

Examples include: taking the dog to the dog park, going to the library, finishing the book I started reading but never finished, buying a hammer.., actually working on my novels that are completely written in my head but never get typed out.

I will update this blog, although not sure how many people still read it and let you know how it goes.




link as promised

SELF Journal



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