People are priority one.

So to say that I followed my planner 100% would be a lie. But the exception to the rule will always be people. Instead of writing last night I was able to see old friends which is a win!!! 

I worked Saturday during the day but I do feel like I’ve accomplished way more than normal. Since Friday..(and working mostly Saturday)

I’ve seen old friends, went out to eat, test drove a car, went to synagogue,hung my mezuzah, tried a new recipe ,cooked dinner for a friend, worked on my novel, cleaned my house and relaxed.

I didn’t do some of the things I wrote but it is Sunday night and I am not wondering where the weekend went. 

The true test will be during the workweek but so far I am liking it.


Priority planning…

Nearly everyday I go to work someone says “I’m tired.” To which anyone within earshot agrees that they are also tired. But yet we are all there…

But when I get home first thing I usually do is put on pants that either meant for yoga or sleeping. (Take the hint ladies) Because I’m tired, too tired to actually do the things I love. Read that sentence again if it didn’t sink in. Too tired for things I am passionate about.  What????

Every week I accomplish what is needed of me, I go to work, I pay my bills, feed the dog, shower (you’re welcome.) But where is this space for all the unneeded thing, fill in the blank to the sentence

If I had the time I would _____________________

Now put the exact same answer in this sentence.

I don’t __________________ because its not a priority.

Ouch, right?

Maybe you accomplish everything you both need and want to, kuddos to you, you can stop reading this now and go bask in your perfectness. But for the rest of us what can we do.

Not too long ago I bought a daily planner, but it also has really neat stuff in it like daily wins, what you are grateful for, lessons learned. I’ll put the link at the very bottom, but any daily planner would work for this challenge.

Fill one week out with not only the things you need to do but the things you’d like to do, things that make you happy, things that somehow became weekend only treats. And here is the hard part STICK TO IT for ONE week. I promise you will still be tired after work or dealing with kids, but if after one week if you aren’t a happier more fulfilled person then feel free to write me hate mail.

I myself am starting this challenge today. And my plans are little things that just don’t get done.

Examples include: taking the dog to the dog park, going to the library, finishing the book I started reading but never finished, buying a hammer.., actually working on my novels that are completely written in my head but never get typed out.

I will update this blog, although not sure how many people still read it and let you know how it goes.




link as promised

SELF Journal



Can I sue Indiana University?

As of late I have had quite a few legal matters on my mind. And on NPR today I listened to a piece about the pending lawsuit against Trump University. I ask that you keep an open mind while reading this. This is not an endorsement or an attempt to sway votes but a bit of honesty. Nor is it a factor in the way I will vote this coming fall, but it did get me thinking.
I did not go to Trump University, nor did anyone I personally know. No, I went to Indiana University, and my friends have attended private universities. Why did we do this? Because like Trump University, we were sold a dream. Maybe the brochures didn’t boast that we would make millions, but it was presented as the ONLY path to a better future than that of the generations before us. It would all be worth it in the end, so we took out student loans and obtained second jobs, all in hopes that it would lead us to where we wanted to be. I can tell you this, seven years out of college, some of the smartest women I know are baristas, Gap manager or underpaid secretaries. Both state and private universities took our money with a tacit promise that we would make it up. Isn’t this what Trump University promised? Did they not note alumni who were CEOs and corporate bigwigs, to show that we too could be just like them?
In a news report it was stated that one person paid nearly $36,000.00 to attend Trump University. I do not deny that this is quite a sum of money, but ask any 25-35 year old person you know, how much do they have in student debt? Today the average loan debt is $26k. I know people who carry upwards of $100K in student debt. And loans are handed out to 18 year olds like candy. When else can you borrow that sum of money with no credit history and no proof of income?
Is my diploma worth more because it carries the name of Indiana University? Should I demand a refund because I am no where close to working in the field I studied for (political science)? If I went on national television stating that Indiana University was a fraud because they took my money and didn’t deliver the “better life” they promised, would anyone bother to take me seriously? No, the blame would be not placed on Indiana University but on me.
The higher education system is a racket, something I learned sadly too late. Sports coaches at state schools are making over a million dollars annually. Where did that money come from? From someone like me who just wanted a good job. So maybe Trump profited off of his University, but lets all stop pretending that state schools and private schools alike aren’t turning profit. The way I see it, if you were able to use your degree you are one of the lucky ones, but if you are like everyone else you are just happy to have a job that covers the student loan payment. I don’t know what ratio of success Trump University had amongst its graduates but I can’t imagine it faired much better than my own graduating class.

Crazy sh*t Americans say about Israel / Gaza conflict

Disclaimer: I live in a somewhat rural area in the Midwest so perhaps this (hopefully) just crazy sh*t people around me say…..

1. Why can’t you all be friends? gee we never thought about that but I will totally submit your idea

2. I don’t understand why Palestinians don’t go to bomb shelters because Hamas spent all it’s money building tunnels to Israel, I am sure they would go if they could!

3. Why doesn’t Israel just flood the tunnels? seriously, no. I cannot even respond to this

4. Is this about the holocaust? nope this is about what is happening now

5. What is Israel’s long term plan? ok maybe this isn’t a dumb question but why exactly do you think i would know?

6. I totally wouldn’t fly there no I know you had to cancel the vacation plans you never had, may I suggest the Russian / Ukrainian border instead?

7. I wonder which side i would be on? excuse me, what?

8. The bible says… this is how I start every sentence to get out of jury duty

9.Hamas was elected. true but not all elections are fair, ahem Chicago, nor do all democratic elections lead to democracies

10. Obama is a Muslim really? Must we bring this up

11. What would you do if you still lived there? what everyone else does!! Run to shelters when sirens go off, try to work and pray for peace

Unapologetically pro-Israel

Many people know I once lived in Israel and some how this makes me the resident expert here in Indiana. Every couple of year when violence sadly breaks the uneasy peace between Israel and it neighbors people come to ask me my thoughts. Perhaps it is cause they know I feel as of I have a personal stake in the outcome, as a Jew Israel is of the utmost importance to me. Maybe they ask me so they can spar with someone. Or maybe they ask me because I am better educated on the subject than most Americans (but not all.) Yet despite all this people seem surprised that I am so fiercely pro-Israel. I maintain Israel has the right of self defense to this I am asked about the Palestinians. And here is where the problem lies.

In the polarizing world in which we live it seems one can either pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian. I am sad for the families who are losing children to this battle. I worry that every time a child dies, the family will say “why bother with peace, the future is already dead.” The life of a child is no more or less depending on which side of a border they live. And mistakes have been made by both sides.

Yet with mistakes made and realities presented in that there are sometimes no good options I remain unapologetically pro-Israel. You may consider this wrong and some day I may feel differently but for now if you want to ask about the current conflict, this is a reminder of who you are speaking with

A novel idea.. With doubts

I have loved this blog, it was my voice while I was in Israel, partly because I was too cheap to buy a cellphone
while there. But now here in Indiana, where is my voice? This has been the question and not simply in the sense ok now what do I write about? Indiana is not that interesting, even if you have never been here before, clearly working for the tourism board is not in my future. Yet, I miss writing this blog, or maybe I merely miss the adventures this blog was about , all the incredible newness. So if anyone working from National Geographic is reading this, give me something new to write about!

Yet, I have not given up on my writing. Instead I am working on my first novel. It is coming along well but it turning out to be a lot more work than I thought. And I have hit a patch where I am struggling greatly, for a couple of reasons. I love people, and my characters are great but the world around them is in a bit of a fog. I can see it in my head therefore have trouble remembering that someone reading it cannot see it. The other perhaps much larger issue is what is the point? Yesterday this blog had ONE reader. One person stumbled upon this blog. Now the goal is to self publish my book, therefore it is not going to be free. I have serious doubts that I am working super hard on a novel that no one will read let alone buy. I am sure that these aren’t new fears for anyone who writes. But the question is how do you overcome them? DO you create for the sake of creating? Because while fame and fortune would be nice, I feel like it is more important to me simply to be heard, my work to be read and shared. And I am honestly afraid that is not going to happen.

I once said that only the truly fortunate people in this life get to make a living by doing what they love. And right now I am not feeling like one of the fortunate. So I question to myself and to perhaps the one person reading this today, is it better to do what you love if nothing ever comes of it or is that merely a form of self torture?

The “right” chance

I often struggle as anyone who writes must, in that it often goes unnoticed, unread. So when the moment comes and someone wants to use it or publish it the excitement is wonderful. But sometimes I think the fog of the excitement clouds my better judgment.

I have recently given away a wonderful story to be used as promotional material for a MAJOR car company. No royalties or even recognition. Quite honestly I didn’t even ask.

So this week when the Huffington post asked to publish something I wrote as part of their ongoing blog series, I was super flattered even if my dad says they are too liberal. But stepping back for a moment and talking to my ever prudent big sister, she pointed out while there was no gain to be had from the story it could also be to my detriment. How and why all this is won’t make sense and I feel no need to explain more. But she was right, not every chance that comes along is worth taking.

I often feel that if I don’t take this chance, another one won’t be by soon. Opportunity in life isn’t like a cross town bus, it wont be by every five minutes. But I was so eager for THAT bus, I was willing to step in front of it in order to not miss it.

I suppose it is in a way heartbreaking that I sent off an email saying they couldn’t run it or they would at least have to do so without my name, they never wrote back. I guess this was one chance that I wasn’t supposed to take. So heres hoping another one will be along soon.