Crazy sh*t Americans say about Israel / Gaza conflict

Disclaimer: I live in a somewhat rural area in the Midwest so perhaps this (hopefully) just crazy sh*t people around me say…..

1. Why can’t you all be friends? gee we never thought about that but I will totally submit your idea

2. I don’t understand why Palestinians don’t go to bomb shelters because Hamas spent all it’s money building tunnels to Israel, I am sure they would go if they could!

3. Why doesn’t Israel just flood the tunnels? seriously, no. I cannot even respond to this

4. Is this about the holocaust? nope this is about what is happening now

5. What is Israel’s long term plan? ok maybe this isn’t a dumb question but why exactly do you think i would know?

6. I totally wouldn’t fly there no I know you had to cancel the vacation plans you never had, may I suggest the Russian / Ukrainian border instead?

7. I wonder which side i would be on? excuse me, what?

8. The bible says… this is how I start every sentence to get out of jury duty

9.Hamas was elected. true but not all elections are fair, ahem Chicago, nor do all democratic elections lead to democracies

10. Obama is a Muslim really? Must we bring this up

11. What would you do if you still lived there? what everyone else does!! Run to shelters when sirens go off, try to work and pray for peace

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